Alchemy for Fun and Profit

One of the most common mistakes of the amateur alchemist is taking shortcuts.  Many alchemical formulas appear overlong and unnecessarily convoluted, but only an experienced practictioner can determine when - and how - to abbreviate the process, if it can be done at all.  Alchemy is not just about the combination of physical materials in a specific manner, but about how they are influenced by invisible forces, such as the movements of stars and planets, and these things cannot be rushed or altered.  If a formula states it requires a year and a day of low heat and counterclockwise stirring to prepare, you had best allow a year and a day to tend your cookfire.

Use the ancient art of alchemy to turn your whole life into gold!  Finding the philosopher's stone is just the tip of the profit-making iceberg in this misunderstood, often-ridiculed branch of arcane studies.


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