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"Okay, I can handle these," you tell the fairy dragonfly after reading the rules.  He nods, and the door opens before you. Beyond is an imposing hallway, which leads to a large room of black marble.  You wonder just how big Skyhaven Keep is, to have so many large rooms.  Maybe there is some sort of magic involved.  You glance at your colorful guide, and decide that there is no "maybe" about it.  Inside the new room, you find - not surprisingly - more doors.  A nearby marble desk nearby holds a leather-bound book and quill pen.  It all looks fairly self-explanatory...

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The Skyhaven Adoption Lairs
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Last updated on April 11, 2008

Dragons and Kin

Crested Cave Gliders - Between pterosaur and dragon...
Skyhaven Dragons
- The "classic" Skyhaven dragon.
Fortune Dragons - A particularly lucky Asian-style dragon.
Orb Dragons - Asiatic dragons clutching a magic orb.
Miniature Drakyns - A smaller, furrier dragon relative.
Eodracs - "Dawn dragons", descendents of Tiamat.
Sirrushes - The dragon of the Ishtar Gate.

Griffins and Kin

Skyhaven Griffins - The "classic" Skyhaven griffin.
Gryphlins - A griffin-like housepet.
Hummgryphs - A hummingbird-based gryph offshoot.


Hippocampi - The classical sea horse.


Centaurs - Half-human, half-horse.
Sagittaries - Half-human, half-lion.


Chirolupes - The "griffin of the night", a wolf/bat hybrid.
Cockatrices - Part reptile, part chicken.
Gargoyles - Creatures of living stone.
Tazelwurms - The "worm with feet" of alpine lore.

Other Features

Library - Read about Skyhaven's residents, and more...
Skyhaven Linking Graphics - Banners and buttons

*+Skyhaven Adoption Hunt+*
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Steve Irwin Memorial Graphics
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Skyhaven Adoption Registry

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