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(April 11, 2008 AD)

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The Hiatus Continues....

Sirrush Female

SKYHAVEN CITY, MIDREALM - Officials at the Skyhaven Adoption program in Skyhaven Keep have finally admitted that the place is "in a bit of a rut," as one unnamed source put it.  How long the hiatus will continue, none could speculate, but rumors that the program may actually close down have been fervently denied.

"[The Bright Dreamer]'s been busy, and some things fell through the cracks - haven't we all been there?" White Diamond Sky Dancer, spokesbeing for the program, said when questioned. "I have every confidence that she will return as soon as time permits."

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Updates To Skyhaven on April 11, 2008

  • Well, it has been a while, hasn't it?   Sorry.  There are a number of reasons, but the main one for the total lack of even trivial updates is that my plan to convert to Dreamweaver (as FrontPage is officially no longer supported by anyone anywhere) has hit some serious time-related snags, and I feel reluctant to add much in the way of new material until I make the switch; I'm uncertain whether or not I'll have to rebuild this site from scratch if/when I make the conversion, and naturally the fewer pages I have to switch, the better.

  • Also, I was contacted by an outfit called Skyhaven Games, and as per their request, I now have a disclaimer stating that my site is in no way affiliated with them.  So, just in case it wasn't clear on the title page: Skyhaven Adoptions is in no way affiliated with, endorsed by, or otherwise connected to Skyhaven Games. This is now in the footer of key pages; I will add it to the rest of my pages as soon as possible.

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NOTICE: Skyhaven Sentinel is not liable for content, accuracy, or results of ads.   Complaints are handled personally by Drunoth the Ogre-Slayer, the Sentinel's editor.

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Mid-sized country seeks "lost heir" to claim throne.  Must be brave, honest, charismatic self-starter, willing to defeat current corrupt regime with minimal public support.  No experience necessary.  Inquire at Snake's Tail Inn, Shadowvale, South Realm.

MISSING - Little human boy, responds to "Jack." Last seen near Land of Hana-Lee.  Reward!  Contact "Puff," Misty Island, West Realm.


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